Singer's Holistic Warm Up Course

Tired of not knowing how to warm up effectively and SAFELY?

On this course, we’re going to make you a warm up master, teach you all the do’s & dont’s AND give you all the exercises you need – to the point & without extra fluff! You will also learn what warm ups ARE and what they AREN’T so you always know if what you’re doing is actually what your voice needs before singing and more!

Holistic tools and grounded voice technique are combined to give you 360 knowledge on how to hone in your craft and tune into what makes you unique as a human being and artist. Mindfulness meditation, yoga & full body activations meet tutored vocal warm ups, taught by Elina as if you worked with her 1-1 in the studio!

Learn all you need to know about warming up in 4 neatly organized lessons

14 downloadable MP3 tracks of exercises & their variations

Specifics on what each drill is ideal for (passages, diaphragmatic breathing etc)

16 unique video tutorials with Elina teaching you the drills as if you were in the studio with her

Guided Breathing Mindfulness Meditation in video and downloadable audio format

Guided Yoga Video Tutorial for full body activation before performance

Hi, Elina Laivera here!

I am a professional voice coach, awarded recording artist and meditation teacher. Since 2015 I have coached over 1000 artists on finding their voice and developing their own unique sound – in cooperation with State academies in Germany as well as in my private initiative, ‘Elina’s Voice Studio’.

The online course you are looking at has a good 5 years of tested experience of the methods it contains. In early 2019 I released a baby version of it on Udemy under the name ‘The Mindful Vocalist’, where it amassed a stunning audience of nearly 2000 raving customers – convincing me to do a full version of the course and release it on my very own website.

To celebrate the return of this amazing course – revised and remade to include all the additional insight gathered through the years since its first release, I am giving it away for a fraction of its initial price. From 147€ this course is now available for only 47€. Why? Because I can’t see any more singers frustrated about warming up! So go get it and have fun with it! Singing should be fun and my intention is to help get you one step closer to singing without having to think too much about all the technical fluff around it. 

All my love,

Elina Laivera